2015 Season Exhibit: Clover Farm Collection
Clover Farms Clover FarmsClover Farms Clover Farms
Clover Farms Clover Farms
Clover Farms Clover Farms
The Clover Farms Corporation was formed on June 13, 1932 in Cleveland, Ohio. Below are two photos of Clover Farms stores. These photos are not from the German Valley area. The interior photo is from the year 1932. Visit the Museum to see these beautiful artifacts in person.
Clover Farms Clover Farms

Artifact Donation

The German Valley Historical Society Museum is privileged to have many individuals in its locale who are willing to help us preserve the history of the German Valley area. Generally, we accept items that the Archives Committee deems consistent with the policies, programs, and best interests of the Museum. Below is a list of frequently asked questions in regard to making a donation to the museum.

Q. Does the German Valley Historical Society Museum accept all donations?
Regrettably, restrictions of space and resources prohibit us from accepting every item. Our first consideration is whether the object supports our mission. We concentrate on preserving items unique to the German Valley area including (but not limited to) German Valley-made products, photographs, military items, business, school, and church documents, and items belonging to people who lived in the area.

Q. How do I donate an object?
To inquire about making a donation please call the museum at 815-232-6993. If it is decided that your object is appropriate for our collections, you will be asked to sign a “Deed of Gift Form” in which you give the museum possession of your object. The object then becomes a part of the German Valley Historical Society Museum’s permanent collection and will be cataloged and properly stored.

Q. What happens if my donation is not accepted?
If you do not want your object, the museum might use it for hands-on education or give it to another museum where it might be more appropriate to their mission.

Q. Will my donation be exhibited?
At any given time, only a portion of the museum’s collection is on exhibit. There is no guarantee that your donation will be exhibited, but we would be happy to discuss how we might use your particular object with you.

Q. Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes, but the German Valley Historical Society Museum cannot determine the value of the object for you.

Other Collections at the German Valley Historical Society Museum
•Military and Veteran Items
•Old Photographs of the German Valley Area
•Historic Farm Equipment in our Barn
•School Yearbooks and Photographs from the Pleasant Prairie Academy and German Valley Grade School
•Homemaking Tools of the Past
•Historic Musical Instruments
•Ostfriesian China and other Artifacts

Military Room  Military RoomOur Military Room houses historic uniforms from German Valley area residents. Our oldest uniform is from World War I and was worn by Gerhard H. Manus.

German Valley Area Veterans
Civil War
Ulrich Boomgarden
Addo Borchers
Harbert Harberts
Wilhelm Herren
Marcus Marks

Spanish-American War
Menno Bleeker
John Nieman

World War I
Albert Marvin Beyer
George A. Diddens
Onno A. Everts
John Gasmond
Conrad J. Druse
Albert H. Manus
Gerhard H. Manus
Henry E. Schoon
Reint Henry Sluiter
Herman M. Stratman
World War II
Harlan W. Aukes
Dennis Bawinkel
Lewis Bawinkel
Russell Bawinkel
Fred Boomgarden
Louis Boomgarden
Richard Brubaker
Theodore R. Buisker
Russell Buttel
Gertrude S. Denekas
Raymond Dieken
John P. Gaffney
Lyle Hundertmark
Roland M. Klentz
Stanley G. Koehn
Glenn Earl Miller
Franklin B. Ross
George B. Saaijenga
Francis E. Shier
Robert E. Schneiderman
Lester Stein
Louis Stykel
Melvin Stykel
Eugene Paul Wieman
Theodore R. Buisker
Korean War
Leon D. Bawinkel
Harold A. Becker
LeRoy Boomgarden
Leslie C. Bruning
Willis Collman
Donald Ray Cornelius
Harold E. Denekas
John R. Dirksen
Boyd G. Fricke
Gordon W. Gravenstein
Alvin Meyer
Norman A. Osterloo
Robert E. Plock
John T. Rust
Hiram "Harm" Smith
Lewis Stykel
Dale Wilken
Viet Nam Era
Roland P. Baier
Harvey Bolen
Randall I. Bolen
Ruben J. Bolen
Stephan O. Brown
Theodore M. Buisker
Duane Collman
Floyd Derby
Ronald Kerkhoff
Jim Kloester
Sheryl L. Mennenga
Larry Miller
Gary L. Ross
James Schneiderman
Randy Schneiderman
Larry Stein
Glenn H. Wichmann

Gulf War to Present
Joel M. Boettner
Travis G. Brainard
Troy M. Brainard
Derek S. Brown
Jacob B. Coffman
Stacy L. Wright Rust
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