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Click on Uncle Sam to generate a membership form to send to us. We want you to become a member!
We welcome new members at any level of participation. Whether it's actively volunteering or supporting the museum with your dues, there's a place for you at the German Valley Historical Society Museum. Annual dues, due on June 1st of each year, are as follows:
•Annual membership for an individual is $15.00.
•Annual membership for a family is $20.00.
•Annual membership for a student is $5.00.
•Annual membership for a senior citizen is $10.00.
•A lifetime membership is $250.00.
Contact any of the officers or museum directors if you're interested in becoming a member, or click on the Uncle Sam button to get a membership form that you can print and mail to us.
Volunteers Are Critical to the Success of the Museum
Whatever your talents or interests we invite you to participate by volunteering. The museum is also a great option for high school students in need of community service hours. We have several committees that you may be interested in becoming a part of:
Archives Committee—catalog inventory of the house and barn, catalog new donations, digitize photos and documents
By-Laws Committee—review, amend,and/or update old museum by-laws
Cleaning Committee—cleaning of the artifacts in the house and barn, general cleaning of museum rooms
Educational Programs and Exhibits Committee—plan special programs coordinating with the holidays; research, create, and install temporary and permanent exhibits in the museum; research and create educational experiences for museum visitors
Fundraising Committee—organize money-making activities for the museum
Gardening and Landscaping Committee—choosing/purchasing/planting annuals each spring; maintaining grounds as needed
Maintenance and Repair Committee—prepare the house and barn for the seasons; perform general maintenance
Membership Committee—keep records of yearly memberships; recruit new members
Museum Guide Coordinators—coordinate volunteers to give tours during open hours
Museum Typists—help with typing of special information
YSM (Young Strong Men) Committee—help with heavy lifting of museum pieces
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